Umniah announces the winners of its Annual Occupational Safety and Health Standards Award
أمنية تواصل جهودها لتعزيز الاستدامة البيئية وتزرع 100 شجرة من أشجار الزنزلخت في غابة المدينة الرياضية

Amman, April 5, 2023 

Umniah announced the names of their contractors, and the winners of its Occupational Safety and Health Standards Commitment Award and Occupational Health and Safety Platform Award (2022).The winners were chosen after a through verification process ensuring that the winners adhered to health and safety requirements in their field operations, including the use of personal protective equipment, site safety measures, among other requirements.

Fifth Generation for Engineering Services Co. were awarded first place, Research and Development Co. (R&D) took second, and United Telecom (UTC) took third, while Smart Company for Engineering Services took home the Umniah Occupational Health & Safety Platform Award.

The awards were received by the managing directors of each of the winning companies, the ceremony was headed by Amjad Frouqa, Director of Quality, Business Continuity, and Information Security (CISO), and Tareq Abu Issa, Network Architecture Director, in the presence of a number of Umniah’s employees and Umniah’s occupational safety and health committee.

Amr Khader, Quality Assurance and Compliance Senior Manager revealed that Umniah launched an occupational health and safety online application, which will manage the contractors’ team fieldwork.

Khader emphasized the significance of such a program in demonstrating Umniah contractors’ commitment to and compliance with occupational health and safety measures. The compliance rate has now surpassed 96%, exceeding Umniah’s target.

This program, according to Khader, is in line with Umniah’s commitment to the health and safety of all its employees, visitors, customers, and contractors. The company is constantly working on employee health and safety training to ensure that they have access to the most up-to-date information and technologies in this field.

In 2018, Umniah launched a Health and Safety Program Award for its approved contractors in recognition of their outstanding commitment to health and safety requirements in their fields of operations. In 2017, Umniah was recognized with the ISO 45001 certificate, as well as the International Safety Award in 2020 for the telecommunications sector.