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In July 2022, we launched our sustainability program to address environmental, social and corporate governance practices as our way of acknowledging the importance of integrating sustainability into all of our operations, which will allow us to uphold our leading position in the Jordanian telecommunications market.

At Umniah, we continuously assess the impact of our activities on the environment and the local community through environmentally friendly audits of our business based on the best international practices.

We have also adopted an innovative corporate social responsibility strategy through which we seek to support people, ideas and projects that add value to sectors including education, sports, health, society, culture and the arts. Furthermore, we also offer our support to entrepreneurs and startups through Umniah’s business incubator The Tank.

Moreover, we execute a governance strategy that focuses on adopting and implementing policies and procedures that are reviewed periodically to ensure the implementation of the highest corporate governance practices within the company in terms of transparency, accountability, flexibility and compliance with all relevant regulations and laws.



In 2021 the avoided GHG from renewable resources increased by 70%

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